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Registration of residents

Legal entity or individual entrepreneur of the Republic of Belarus with the location within the boundaries of the free economic zone, concluding a contract with the administration of the free economic zone on activity terms in the FEZ may be registered as a resident of the free economic zone "Vitebsk".

The main criteria to be met by investment projects

  1. volume of investments in the project shall be not less than 1 million Euro;
  2. creation and (or) development of export-oriented production.

Rules for the development of investment projects business plans, applying for registration as a resident of free economic zone "Vitebsk".


The list of documents required for the consideration of the issue of the registration as the FEZ "Vitebsk" resident

To consider the issue of registration as the FEZ "Vitebsk", applicant - legal entity or individual entrepreneur shall present the following documents to the administration of FEZ "Vitebsk:

  1. application according to the form approved by FEZ "Vitebsk administration;
  2. duly certified copies of the constituent documents presenting original documents (for legal entities);
  3. copy of state registration uponpresenting of the original document;
  4. business plan of the investment project in the form approved by the administration of FEZ "Vitebsk". The business plan of legal entity subordinated to or shares (interests) of which are managed by the Republican governmental authority, other state organizations subordinated to the Government of the Republic of Belarus, Vitebsk Regional Executive Committee, shall be agreed by such body of state administration or organization ;
  5. payment document confirming payment of the state fee for registration as a resident of free economic zone at the rate of 50 basic units. (Rates of state duty.) ;

The sequence of the submitted documents consideration and the conclusion of the contract on FEZ "Vitebsk" activity terms.

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