Free Economic Zone Vitebsk

Products manufactured by the residents of FEZ

Name of the Resident Industry Economic
Unitary Enterprise "Vitella" Food industry Production of cocoa, chocolate and confectionaries
  • glazes;
  • fillings;
  • pastes.
Foreign Unitary Enterprise
"VIC Animal Health"
Chemical industry Production of veterinary medicine
  • amprolium 15%, 1kg;
  • clindaseptin;
  • clozalben;
  • metronidazol;
  • neomycin;
  • nifulin-forte;
  • oxytetracyclin;
  • pulmokit;
  • spelink;
  • sulteprim;
  • tetramizol g;
  • tilanik;
  • furazolidon;
  • enroflon;
  • gentamicin;
  • dolink;
  • ivertin;
  • klindaspectin;
  • linkovic;
  • oxytocin;
  • santel;
  • santomektin;
  • streptofur;
  • tilanik;
  • tiocefur;
  • florikol..
Foreign Unitary Enterprise "CHESS-Bel" Oil and gas industry Production of petroleum products
  • wood products;
  • processing of the raw carbohydrates.
"Dispay" Design Office, JSC Science Scientific research and development in the fields of natural and technical sciences.
  • videomonitor sets;
  • LCD-monitors;
  • CRT-monitors;
  • videocontrol devices;
  • avia displays;
  • mobile and panel computers;
  • various goods.
"Rubikon-Agro" Ltd. Chemiical industry Production of veterinary medicine
  • animal care products;
  • raticide;
  • racidol;
  • glutar;
  • Raduga.
"Prodexim" FLLC Food industry Meat and fish products Semifinished meat and fish products and delicasies (smoked)
"SOYUZ-CABLE" FLLC Cable industry Production of isolated wires and cables Fiber-optical cables
"Bell Bimbo Plus" LLC Light industry Production of outer clothing Children clothing
"FORTEX-WATER TECHNOLOGIES" JLLC Machinery Production of gas generators, devices for distillation, filtering and purification
Equipment for waste water treatment and water preparation
"Vityas" JSC Radio electronics Production of equipment for receiving, recording and playing sounds and images.
  • equipment for receiving, recording and playing sounds and images;
  • electric household vacuum cleaners;
  • DVD players;
  • electric kettles;
  • TV antenna "Vityas";
  • supports;
  • remote controls;
  • sattelite TV broadcast units "Vityas";
  • TV tuners;
  • heat fans;
  • air purifiers;
  • quantum therapy devices;
  • electropuncture therapy device;
  • multipurpose photometer;
  • rebreather;
  • firefighting satchel device;
  • stereomonitors;
  • wood beds;
  • halls;
  • tables;
  • bedside tables;
  • stools;
  • shelves;
  • wardrobes.
Unitary Enterprise "Plant Belit" Radio electronics Production of equipment for receiving, recording and playing sounds and images.
  • transformers for radio electronic tech;
  • industrial services;
  • miscellaneous (lining materials);
  • DVD-players;
  • electric hairdryers;
  • irons;
  • vacuum cleaners;
  • technical tissues;
  • microwave ovens.
"Vitebskiy mashinostroitelny zavod "Novmash" CJSC Machinery Production of oil and gas, drilling and prospection equipment
  • parts and nodes for installing a pumping station;
  • parts and nodes for a coiled tubing installatioin;
  • parts and nodes for oil drilling equipment.
"Vitebsk Carpets" JSC Light industry Carpets and woven products
  • carpets: axminster, Jacquard (part-wool);
  • Jacquard carpets (synthetic);
  • bar Jacquard carpets (wool);
  • tufted floor cover with printed images;
"Aliansplast" LLC Chemical industry Production of plastik packages Polymer disposable products with and without images for food products including jars and containers with a lid
Foreign Unitary Enterprise 'Decora East" Industrial and construction materials
Manufacture of plastic products used in construction (baseboards made of PVC)
PVC baseboards
"Pozhtechnika" JSC Machinery Production of equipment for dispersal and sprinkling of liquids and powders Firefighting equipment and inventory
"TransExpedition" JLLC Transport Wholesale trade of natural fuel (gas)
  • liquified hydracarbon gases;
  • services for mixing liquified hydrocarbon gases;
  • transport and expedition services.
"Natrix" JLLC Machinery Manufacture of road and earth-moving machines for oil and gas industry Road construction vehicles and equipment for oil and gas industry
"Orsha Aircraft Repair Plant" JSC Aircarft repair and maintenance Repair, mantenance and modernization of aircrafts including spacecrafts and their engines
Repairs of aircrafts
"PA "Energocomplekt" LLC Cable industry Production fo insulated wires and cables
Cable and conductor products

"Polymerconstruction" UE Chemical industry Manufacture of plastic slabs, strips, tubes and girders.
Equipment for water supply and drainage
"Tekhnika svyazi" JSC Radio electronics Production of industrial tele- and radio equipment
Means of communication:
  • emergency and rescue radio stations;
  • "Sirius", "Tsifra-M" radio station complex;
  • "Linia" digital communication systems;
  • multi-purpose radio stations"Ivolg-N", "Bekas", "Rapsodia";
  • hardware and software complexes of commutation and routing of digital streams for field communication;
  • terminal equipment to provide railways with mobile GPS communication systems.
"RAW MATERIALS - BEL" LLC Transport Cargo transportation
Transport and expedition services
"LINPAC Packaging East" FLLC
Chemical industry Manufacturing of plastic packaging
Packaging material made of expanded polystyrene
"BelGigaSint" LLC Radio electronics Manufacturing of industrial tele- and radio devices
Radio electronic devices
"SIVital" LLC Science Manufacturing of testing systems and biochips
Testing systems and biochips
"Maxiflex" LLC
Printing Manufacturing of miscellaneous paper and cardboard products (packaging)
Labelstock products
"Orsha Linen Mill" RUPTE Light industry Production of linen textiles (cloth, yarn, bedsheets)
  • natural linen textiles;
  • yarn;
  • bedsheets;
  • clothes.
"Manuli Hydraulics Manufacturing Bel" JLLC Chemical industry Manufacturing rubber products (high-pressure sleeves)
High-pressure sleeves
"MODERN-EXPO" LLC Furniture manufacturing Manufacturing of furniture for offices and trading companies
Racks for retail
"Plant "Legmash" JSC Processing industry Manufacturing of metallurgical equipment
Equipment for metallurgy and parts for metallurgical machines used for glass rolling and pipe rolling and foundries 
  • roller;
  • coils for winding of wires;
  • roller conveyors;
  • broaching mandrels;
  • boxes;
  • casings;
  • lockers;
  • lay modules.
"Belkarolin" LLC Pharmaceutical, medical and orthopedic products

  • medications for endometritis tratment and prevention;
  • medications for treatment of mastitis;
  • antibacterial medications;
  • vitamin & mineral medication
  • hormonal medications;
  • non-steroid anti-inflammatory medications;
  • ointments.

"Vitebskiy Zavod Promyshlennoy Pererabotki" JSC Disposal and recycling of miscellaneous waste

  • waste paper;
  • polymers;
  • glass and recycled glass;
  • ferrous and non-ferrous metals
"Recycling Trade" LLC Production fo soft roofings and  waterproofing  materials
  • bitumen cardboard
  • pure bitumen
  • mastic and primer
  • asphalt granules
  • polymeric bitumen strip guided rolls of glass canvas, fiber glass fabric, cardboard or polyester
  • safety mats
  • mats for cars
  • mats for running tracks and children's playgrounds
  • mats for laying tramway turns
  • soundproof screens
"Cylinders-Bel" LLC Manufacturing of metal cisterns, reservoirs and containers
  • tanks for technical gases
  • tanks for firefighting vehicles;
  • tanks for food industry.

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