Free Economic Zone Vitebsk

Procedure for registration as a resident

A legal entity or an individual entrepreneur of the Republic of Belarus with a location within the boundaries of the free economic zone, which concluded with FEZ Vitebsk administration the contract for activity conditions within the free economic zone, may be registered as a resident of the free economic zone Vitebsk.

Main criteria for investment projects

  1. fixed investment:
    at least 1 mln EUR
    at least 500 000 EUR if invested in the first 3 years;
  2. establishment and/or development of export-oriented production.

List of documents required for considering the issue of registration as a resident of FEZ “Vitebsk”

To consider the issue of registration as a resident of FEZ “Vitebsk” by the applicant — by a legal entity or an individual entrepreneur, the following documents shall be submitted to to FEZ “Vitebsk” administration:

  1. application in the form approved by FEZ “Vitebsk” administration;
  2. copies of constituent documents certified in the prescribed manner with the presentation of original documents (for legal entities);
  3. a state registration certificate copy with the presentation of an original document;
  4. business plan of the investment project in the form approved by FEZ “Vitebsk” administration. The business plan of a legal entity being subordinated to or whose shares are placed under management of the republican state administration body, other state organization subordinated to the Government of the Republic of Belarus, Vitebsk Regional Executive Committee must be agreed upon by this state administration body or organization;
  5. payment document confirming payment of a state duty for registration as a resident of the free economic zone in the amount of 50 basic units.
Procedure for reviewing documents submitted and concluding a contract for activity conditions in FEZ “Vitebsk”

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