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Why the FEZ Vitebsk

Geo-economic position of the FEZ Vitebsk

The Free Economic Zone Vitebsk is located in the city of Vitebsk in the northeast of the Republic of Belarus. Vitebsk is the largest railway junction in the north of the republic. The city has an operational aerodrome from which the flights are carried out in Belarus and Russia.

The total length of the Vitebsk region borders with neighboring states is 993.8 km, including with Russia - 575.8 km. (Pskov region - 341.8 km, Smolensk region -. 234 km), Lithuania -192.2 km, Latvia -. 165.8 km.

Developed transport network (the eastern border of Poland - Central regions of Belarus - Baltic States - the northwestern and central regions of Russia) makes the FEZ Vitebsk the most attractive for establishing productions oriented to export their products and services in the markets of Russia, the Baltic States, Scandinavia and Central Europe.

The network of modern roads and railways provides communication between the regional center and the largest cities of Europe: Minsk (280 km), Moscow (550 km), St. Petersburg (600 km), Warsaw (800 km), Kiev (550 km), Vilnius ( 360 km), Riga (500 km), Tallinn (687 km).

One of the major trans-European transport networks - "Crete Corridor No. 9" (Helsinki - Vitebsk - Kiev - Kishinev - Plovdiv), highway M1 (Brest-Moscow), the Great Silk Road – passes through Vitebsk.

Due to its geo-economic position, the FEZ Vitebsk can become a kind of stepping-stone in terms of development of the promising markets for goods and services of Russia, the Baltic countries and Scandinavia.

The presence of highly qualified personnel in the region 

Another advantage of the free economic zone Vitebsk is the presence of stock of highly skilled workforce in the Vitebsk region.

Vocational and higher education system in Vitebsk includes a number of public and private educational institutions:


  1. 3 state and 1 non-governmental universities;
  2. The Academy of Veterinary Medicine;
  3. 5 technical schools, colleges;
  4. 14 vocational technical schools

Traditionally, the educational system in Vitebsk is pecialized in training of professional personnel for light industry (seamstresses, clothing designers, cutters, technologists), food industry workers, the building complex, as well as economists, managers, lawyers, specialists in foreign languages.

Thus, there is a real possibility at relatively low cost to implement effective and rapid development of new technologies, modern industrial equipment.

The presence of natural resource base in the region

The Vitebsk region has the following natural resources:

  1. Forest areas (1754.2 thousand ha.);
  2. Water resources (2.6 cubic km.);
  3. Mineral resources (dolomite, peat, clay, sand and gravel materials, sapropeles, mineral water, building sand).

Developed industrial potential of the region

The Vitebsk region ranks third in the republic in terms of volume of industrial production.

The main branches of industrial complex of the region are:

  1. Light industry;
  2. Machine and machine tool industry;
  3. Electronics;
  4. Woodworking industry;
  5. Manufacture of furniture;
  6. Food production.

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