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The Administration of the FEZ "Vitebsk" offers to participate in investment projects' financing. It is planned to realize them at FEZ "Vitebsk" territory which gives fax and custom preferences.

  • The organization in FEZ "Vitebsk" the production of dry pectin and pectin comprising products. (13 Kb).

  • Foundation of a modern plant producing high quality building materials on the basis of a magnesia astringent, their further sale and also the usage of the produced materials for the producing techniology of cheap low-rise buildings. (14 Kb).

  • Foundation of modern magnesia cement, lime and astringent gypsum materials production plants based on energy-saving technology. (12 Kb).

More detailed information: +375 /212/ 210927 Oleg Kondratovich - the Head of Investment and External Economic Relation Department.

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