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Vitebsk region, Vitebsk
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  Geographic location.

The Vitebsk region occupies the territory of 40 000 square km. or 19, 4 % of the total territory of the Republic of Belarus and is located in its north - eastern part. The region borders on Smolensk region, Pskov region of the Russian Federation, Lithuania, Latvia.

The advantage of geo-economics location of the region is that there is a transport network on its territory connecting largest and developed economic regions of Russia (St. Petersburg and Leningrad region, Moscow and Moscow region, north - western regions) with Central and western Europe. Vitebsk region is crossed by one of the main trans - European routes "Crete Corridor No 21 (Berlin - Warsaw - Minsk - Moscow) and Crete Corridor No 2 (Helsinki-Vitebsk-Gomel-Kiev-Plovdiv).

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