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Administration of the FEZ "Vitebsk" informs about the possibility to get credit at preferential rate which is given by the Government of China on security of the Government of the Republic of Belarus.

Main requirements to the projects.

Exporters should be chosen from Chinese companies. Not less than 50% of machinery, raw-materials and technologies used in the project should be purchased in China.

The volume of loan should be not less than 20 million of Yuan (it is about 2,4 mil. dollars, USA). The account of the credit at preferential rate should be maintained in currency of China - Chinese Renminbi yuan (CNY). Usually the borrowing entity is the Government of the country in the name of the Ministry of Finance of the credit's obtainer.

Interest rate and payout period are fixed by the Chinese Government and are negotiated in the intergovernmental framework agreement about foreign credit at preferential rate (it does not exceed 3% annually) with repayment date not more than 20 years. Interest on credit are calculated and paid semi-annually. Payment dates are 21 of March and 21 of September annually. Principal amount of a loan is paid in equal shares once in half a year

For more information apply to the Investment Department of the Administration of the FEZ Vitebsk +375 /212/ 260 166.

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