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home / news [ 18 december 2006 ]

On November 13-16, 2006 the Administration of the FEZ "Vitebsk" took part in National Exhibition "BelarusEXPO-2006" hold in Riga (Latvia). Also the representatives of the Administration carried on negotiations with Latvian and Baltic business circles.

Latvian businessmen showed great interest to the conditions of business conducting at FEZ territory. A number of woodworking companies examine the possibility to create JV (production of pellets and furniture production).

During the negotiations with Latvian companies (LTD. "B.U. DRO, "SPARKS A, LTD "MAN-TESS", "CAN", etc.) and organizations working in the fields of international relations ("LAIKA STARS", "LBESVB", "LDDK", "EiroHoldings") it was agreed to assist Belarusian businessmen interested in conducting business in Latvia to get business information.

The great interest to FEZ "Vitebsk" activity was showed by the press. The information about our FEZ has been given for its publishing to "The Baltic Course", "Vestnik", "DELO".

We have cooperated with Baltic countries for 4 years. In spite of that fact that Latvian economy follows the EU tendency, Belarus remains one of the crucial partners for Latvia in the fields of trading and business relations. For Belarus Latvia remains one of the dominant partners in the sphere of attracting foreign capital to the Belarusian economy.

kran kran

The Administration offers the information and consultations in the sphere of investment cooperation with Latvian region to Belarusian companies and businessmen.

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