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The Main Objectives of the Free Economic Zone "Vitebsk".

  The activities of the FEZ "Vitebsk" are aimed at the following objectives:

  • location on its territory productions of different ownership forms;
  • to guarantee favourable conditions for the implementation of new and high technologies in the sphere of production and services provision;
  • to stimulate export and import-substitution production;
  • to create new job places;
  • to increase business activities, competitiveness and export potential of the region's economy.
  By locating your production on the FEZ "Vitebsk" territory, you have excellent opportunities to:
  • to reduce production costs;
  • to increase competitiveness of your enterprise;
  • to shorten the period of your investment project recoupment;
  • to decrease the necessity in circulating facilities for there is exemption from VAT payments for raw materials, completings and equipment import to the FEZ "Vitebsk" customs territory;
  • to move your production closer to sales markets you are working to.
Existing tax and customs special regimes are rather attractive for establishment of all types of productions on the FEZ "Vitebsk" territory. In comparison with other companies working in Belarus, companies on the FEZ "Vitebsk territory pay less taxes and payments. The FEZ "Vitebsk" has also got free customs territory status, which allows producers to import raw materials, equipment, completings customs taxes free (the exception are dues for customs papers issuance).
 FEZ "Vitebsk"
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