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The Administration of the Free Economic Zone "Vitebsk".

The main managerial body on the FEZ "Vitebsk" territory is the Administration, which is formed by the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Belarus.

  The functions of the Administration include:

  • execution of state registration of enterprises and companies on the FEZ "Vitebsk" territory
  • execution of FEZ "Vitebsk" resident registration of enterprises, companies, legal persons, banks and other financial structures, which have already undertook state registration outside the FEZ "Vitebsk" territory;
  • evaluation of business proposals and making decisions on their possible realization on the FEZ "Vitebsk" territory;
  • representation of the FEZ "Vitebsk" residents' interests in governmental and local administration structures;
  • the right to issue preferential pass for entering cross-border points territories.

The procedure of registration and liquidation of the FEZ "Vitebsk" enterprises is significantly simplified for all the questions on the matter are resolved in one structure - the Administration of the FEZ "Vitebsk". In general, the FEZ "Vitebsk" Administration possesses all the necessary capabilities to provide producers with all-round support and assistance, which is especially important during the first stage of enterprise establishment.

The Head of the Administration - Leonid I. Shevchenko (since 1999).

Organisational Structure of the FEZ "Vitebsk" Administration.

Head of the FEZ "Vitebsk" Administration - carries out general management of the Administration; represents the Administration in governmental bodies, on international events, exhibitions, seminars; distributes functional duties; coordinates activities of the FEZ "Vitebsk" Administration departments, makes agreements and contracts.

Deputy Head of the FEZ "Vitebsk" Administration - supervises the activities of External Economic Relations Dept., FEZ Development Dept., decides all the issues connected to the work of these departments.

The Assistant to the Head - carries out interaction with mass media, controls execution of agreements obligations with the FEZ "Vitebsk" resident - companies.

External Economic Relations Department - undertakes promotion of the FEZ "Vitebsk" among business circles of Belarus and foreign countries, carries out negotiations with potential investors, participates in various economic events in Belarus and abroad (exhibitions, presentations, seminars, investment forums etc.). The experts of the Department provide producers with all-round assistance in business plan development and its adaptation to the existing conditions, presents potential investors with detailed information regarding the conditions of economic activities, tax and customs privileges on the FEZ "Vitebsk" territory.

Department of the FEZ "Vitebsk" Development - the Department is responsible for any type of construction and strengthening existing engineering infrastructure, building high-voltage cable lines, reconstruction of motorways, railway links. The Department provides investor with assistance in locating their productions on the industrial plots of the FEZ and helps to make a choice on a place for new constructions.

Department of Law - carries out legal issues of the Administration's work with residents and potential investors; undertakes analysis of legal documents, which regulate economic activities in FEZ "Vitebsk"; provides recommendations for the improvement of the legal base. Experts of the Department represent and protect interests of the FEZ "Vitebsk" residents in customs and other governmental bodies, participate in resolving disputes.

Financial-economic Department - coordinates financial-economic activity of the Administration; protects financial interest of the FEZ, organizes accounting records and financial reports of the FEZ "Vitebsk" Administration.

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