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The Vitebsk region (oblast), Vitebsk.

  Geographic location.
  Climate conditions of the region.
  Natural resources of the Vitebsk region.
  The existence of highly qualified work force in the Vitebsk region.
  The industrial potential of the Vitebsk region.
  The infrastructure of the Vitebsk region.
  To sum everything up, the main economic advantages of the Vitebsk region are.
  The sights of the city.

  Geographic location.

The Vitebsk region occupies the territory of 40,0 thousands square km. or 19,4% of the total area of

Belarus. The region is situated in the north-east part of the republic. The Vitebsk region borders on Smolensk and Pskov regions of the Russian Federation, Latvia and Lithuania.

The main advantage of the geoeconomic location of the region is existence on its territory well-developed net of transport and commercial infrastructure, which links the most developed economic regions of Russia (St. Petersburg and Leningrad region, Moscow and Moscow region, north-east regions) with Central and Western Europe. The Vitebsk region is crossed by Trans-European Crete Transport Crridor № 21 (Berlin-Warsaw-Minsk-Moscow) and Crete Corridor № 9 (Helsinki-Vitebsk-Gomel-Kiev-Plovdiv).

  Climate conditions of the region.

The average winter temperature is -8,9 -7,0 C, average summer temperature is +16,6 - +20,8 C. The climate is a little bit colder than in the rest of Belarus due to the northern location of the Vitebsk region. The period with temperature above zero C lasts 227 - 238 days. In spite of quite cool climate of the region, thermal resources allow to grow main agricultural cultures of the moderate climate belt. The region has moderately continental climate with the influence of the Baltic Sea winds and humidity.

  Natural resources of the Vitebsk region.

The main groups of resources of the Vitebsk region: land resources, forest resources, water resources, mineral resources.

Land resources the region is characterized by hilly relief with lots of boulders, clay soil.

Forest resources one of the most significant natural resources of the region - the third part f its territory is occupied with forests and bushes (1754,2 thousands ha.), total reserve of timber - 248 million cu. meters. The composition of forests varies, but the dominant position is taken by coniferous woods. For already 10 years Vitebsk spruce has been used as a standard for the Ministry of Forestry of Sweden, who exports seeds of this tree from the region.

Water resources underground waters of the region - 2,6 km. cubic a year. The region has the first place in underground water reserves in the republic.

The main mineral resources in the Vitebsk region are peat, dolomitic limestone, building sands, gravel materials, marl, mineral waters. The estimated peat deposits are 1135,0 million tones. Dolomites regarded to be the most important mineral resource of the Vitebsk region. Dolomites are used for liming of soils, production of road-metal, lime. Total reserves of dolomites are estimated in 950 million tones. Dolomites bed mostly on the Vitebsk region territory. The depth of bedding is 8-10 meters.
The region is also rich in sands. Their deposits are estimated as 66,0 million tones.
There are good prerequisites for the development of construction industry for the region has significant deposits of clay, used for the production of bricks and other building blocks and panels. The deposits of gravel materials in the region exceed 238 million cu. meters. The Vitebsk region possesses significant resources of sapropel - more than 77% from republic's deposits. Total reserve of marl in the region is 21,7 million tones. At he same time only 470 lakes (33%) have been prospected for sapropel beds. Preliminary estimations of sapropel reserves constitute 505,0 million tones. More than 200 lake deposits are regarded to be perspective for sapropel extraction and development. Average depth of water in such lakes doesn't exceed 5 meters, the thickness of sediments reach 5-15 meters.
The Vitebsk region is also famous for its mineral waters deposits. The main types of mineral waters in the region are: chloride - sulphate and sulphate -chloride.
Another big advantage of the region is recreational resources. Based on a complex of different factors (nature and ecology, easy transport access, level of tourist services) the region has 400, 000 ha. of lands suitable for health resorts and recreational purposes. It is enough to satisfy not only local population but also tourists from other regions of the republic and abroad.

  The existence of highly qualified work force in the Vitebsk region.

Total population of the region in 2003 is 1334,5 people. Able-bodied population numbers 871, 000 people, which constitutes 65,3% of the total population in the region. The economy of the region employs 563, 3 thousands people (73% of the total population in the region).
The level of labour force qualification is high enough to implement new high technologies and modern equipment in the production industry of the region. The average age of workers - 40 years. More than 48,000 (9,7%) workers are young people under 25 years old.
Number of workers with special professional education - 55, 9%. At the same time there is a steady growth in employers with higher education.
Well-developed system of educational institutions is widely presented by state and non-state educational establishments: universities, institutes, academy, colleges, technical schools. Such a variety of educational structures provides the industry of the region with specialists in light industry, fashion designers, builders, lawyers, economists, managers.

  The industrial potential of the Vitebsk region.

Favourable geoeconomic location, the availability of significant water resources, make possible the establishment of water-retaining productions (37%) - production of electric power, oil and petroleum industry, chemical industry. The natural resources potential is developed enough for the successful functioning of the construction ad construction materials industry (3,0%), forest industry (3,4%). However, the current specialization of the industrial complex doesn't fully conform to local natural -economic condition of the region. Being deprived of local resources, significant development received machine building (9,2%), metal-proceeding (3,2%), light industry (16,9%). 379 big and medium size enterprises are successfully working in the Vitebsk region. 97 enterprises in light industry, 90 - in food industry, 87 - machine building, 51 - forestry and wood proceeding. The most number of employers are working for the machine building enterprises - 43,000; light industry complex - 30,000; production of food - 19, 000.
There are 140 enterprises with foreign capital in the region.

  The infrastructure of the Vitebsk region.

Another advantage of the Vitebsk region is rather high level of infrastructure security of its territory. The transport net of the region is presented with all transport facilities: automobile, railway, aviation, waterways, pipelines.
The Vitebsk region has the second place in the republic in extension of motorways, and the fourth place in ramified structure of roads infrastructure. The total length of the roads of republican significance is 2,4 thousands kilometers. It is the most complicated and ramified road net in Belarus.
There are two big railway clusters in the Vitebsk region: Vitebsk and Orsha railway stations. There is also an airport which serves flight within Belarus and to the Russian Federation.

The development of communication is characterized with broadening of communication types in the region, increase in quality and security. Total length of communication lines in the region - more than 55,000 thousands km.

The infrastructure security of the region facilitates the development of external economic activities. The main directions of external economic relations have been formed and steadily developing in the region: trade and economic activities, information and advertising, co-operation among producers, scientific and high technologies exchange.

  To sum everything up, the main economic advantages of the Vitebsk region are:
  • favorable geoeconomic location;
  • unique mineral resources reserves;
  • high level of the region's industry;
  • highly qualified labour force;
  • well-developed transport and communications infrastructure.
  The sights of the city:

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