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Welcome to Free Economic Zone "Vitebsk".

The Free Economic Zone (FEZ) "Vitebsk" is a part of the Republic of Belarus territory with strictly defined borders where special preferential regime of tax and customs regulations is implied.

The FEZ "Vitebsk" was established on August 4, 1999 for the period of 30 years and is appeared to be a complex zone which combines production, export and free customs zones.

  The main dates in the history of the FEZ "Vitebsk":

  • August 4, 1999 - the FEZ "Vitebsk" established by the Decree of the President of Belarus from August 4, 1999 № 458;
  • April 28, 2000 - the first company-resident is registered (Foreign private unitary enterprise "Vitella", Vikos Nahrungsmittel GmbH, Schwartau. (Germany);
  • January 8, 2003 - expansion of the FEZ "Vitebsk" (five new industrial territories included);
  • August 4, 2004 - 5th Anniversary of the FEZ "Vitebsk".
During the whole period of its existence 31 enterprises with foreign capital from Germany, Poland, the USA, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, the UK, Latvia, Lithuania, Russia, Belarus were registered in FEZ "Vitebsk". On the present moment 29 investment projects in the following spheres of industry are successfully realizing on the FEZ "Vitebsk" territory.

  The main spheres of production on the FEZ "Vitebsk" include:

  • wood proceeding;
  • production of fiber-optical cables;
  • oil and petroleum production;
  • production of electronics;
  • food production;
  • sewing industry;
  • production of veterinary medicines and chemicals for agrarian sector as well as;
  • banking activities.
Spheres of production are not limited on the FEZ "Vitebsk" territory as there all conditions exist for the establishment of various enterprises.
 FEZ "Vitebsk"
 P. Brovky str. 50, 210605 Vitebsk The Republic of Belarus
 Tel / Fax: +375 /212/ 26 08 02
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